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Ralphy’s Music of the World mixed Rock Mainstream + Indie Episode 254
Aeneas, Helmuth Treichel ( Atomic Picnic Project), Cristian Bettendorf (Darkness Light), Ron Evans Group, Caper Clowns, The Boulton Brothers Band, Blackland Saints, Junior Turner, District 13, EPIC – Rock Band, L’ Rock, Loose Hounds, LOVE CHILD, The Amanda Emblem Experiment, Oz Coustic ( 4 Wall Circus), Topher Denman ( Southbound Snake Charmers) and Music from Boston, Gary Moore and much more.
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RE Group . Airplay – on rotation

Ron Evans Group – Airplay. Thanks to all the DJ´s worldwide for playing our music.

If you have a show playing our music, please let me know so i can post it.

https:/// – Blues Corner – Spins From The Bins – John van Lent Living Room Blues – Blues N Roots – Robert Walsh DJ Mad Dog Goffi´s Monday rock And Bop Radio Show – Irene B Drivin´home with The Blues

Radio Okerwelle – Florian Damm

Groove – An Evening With The Blues – Mick Young – Blues Power Adelaide

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