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Ralphy’s Music of the World 100% Indie ( Rock, Country, Pop, Acoustic, Alternative) Episode 274
This Human Condition, SoulBird, The Unified One, Lorrie Newman Keating, NEELY, Zojo Black, Willamena, Woodfish, 16byNine, The Pharaohs, Harsh Blue last time, The Pieces of Mind, Space Traffic, Ron Evans Group, Rattlincane, Raffaella Piccirillo, Night Time Fiona, Melissa Robertson, MGlaziermusic, Journey North, JEAN CABBIE & THE SECRET ADMIRER SOCIETY, InRegalia, The Innocent Bystanders, TJ Leonard, Break The Embargo, Atomic Picnic Project, Mission Brown, Shaun Klinger, Abstrakt last time.
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RE Group . Airplay – on rotation

Ron Evans Group – Airplay. Thanks to all the DJ´s worldwide for playing our music.

If you have a show playing our music, please let me know so i can post it.

https:/// – Blues Corner – Spins From The Bins – John van Lent Living Room Blues – Blues N Roots – Robert Walsh DJ Mad Dog Goffi´s Monday rock And Bop Radio Show – Irene B Drivin´home with The Blues

Radio Okerwelle – Florian Damm

Groove – An Evening With The Blues – Mick Young – Blues Power Adelaide

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