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RON EVANS GROUP Bandphoto 2020
Ron Evans Group

Ron Evans – Guitar, Vocals
Ron Evans – Guitar, Vocals

Songwriter, singer and guitarist, quick-witted, always on the move and with a good portion oh humour. Born as the son of an Englishman and a German near Hanover, Ron spent his childhood in England and Australia before returning to Germany in the mid-1960s. He played in the school band at the Kamber residential school in Berg. After school he first went to film business, did an internship at Bavaria Studios, worked as a cable carrier and bit player. Afterwards a longer involvement in the Deutsches Theater followed with the band of Hanns Christians Müller, the Funny Figures. In the following years he played in various rock and blues formations and evolved further as a musician, singer and composer. In the 70s he was also a DJ in Scandinavia, then moved to Starnberg in the 80s and ran a record shop there until the beginning of the 90s.

Rodney Harley - Bass
Rodney Harley – Bass

Born in England but grew up in Scotland. Rodney came to Germany in the early sixties with Tommy & The Delmonts, who then played all over Germany on the Star Club Circuit. Rodney then played with Didi and his ABC Boys, a very popular German group from Berlin, known for their recordings in German of Beatles Songs. They played throughout Europe, from Norway and Germany to Italy and Spain as well as at all US bases. A highlight was as opener for the Rolling Stones on their Germany and Austria tour of 1967. Rodney played in Germany with various bands such as The Renegades, Rocking Mona, Delano, The William Powell Soul Band, Albert C. Humphrey, The Unknown Stuntmen and since 2010 with his old friend Ron Evans.

Christoph von Sonnenburg - Drums, Vocals
Christoph von Sonnenburg – Drums, Vocals

The attentive listener will notice that Christoph is not just a stick-swinger, but a drummer. Musicality beyond stylistic definitions, highest attention for the musical events between the band colleagues and a feeling for space are the central keywords here. He already played with the Ron Evans Group from 1994 to 2001. Based in Berlin since 2001, he went on excursions to jazz (Mark Scheibe’s Montagsclub), but also to various music styles from pop to hip hop. From 2004 to 2018, together with various bassists and Jeff Mesirow, he formed the trio Mezz, which has its roots in rock of the sixties, but with great musical imagination also included elements of soul, blues and crossover. Christoph uses his vocal range to creatively support the sounds as a background singer.

James Jacobs - Keys, Vocals
James Jacobs – Keys, Vocals

Training at Bavaria Studios, Munich – Director of Photography, BVK. From 1960 piano lessons at the Marquartstein residential school, from 1967 organist and singer with various bands, including Funny Figures (with Ron Evans and Hanns Christian Müller), Beatstones, Munich’s legendary, still active beat band (founded in 1964) and Munich’s famous 70s soul band Phantoms. In the 70s studio musicians, touring and accompanying musicians as Silver Convention, Penny McLean, Love Generation. As a cameraman James has filmed eighty TV movies since 1975 (including eleven Tatort and Polizeiruf 110 episodes), TV series such as the Grimme Prize series: Fast wia im richtigen Leben, such as SK-Kölsch and Der Dicke, and ten feature films, including Kehraus und Man spricht in deutsch mit Gerhard Polt und H.C.Müller, Lauf um Dein Leben, Homies und Kleine Morde with director Adnan Köse.

Rainer Blencke - Sax, Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Rainer Blencke – Sax, Rhythm Guitar, Vocals

Studied saxophone, clarinet and bassoon at the Richard Strauss Conservatory in Munich. 1982 began the phase of the Trouble Boys, which is still going on today. Countless concerts and festivals on large and small stages (approx. 2500) and many TV shows with Thomas Gottschalk (Late Night) and Günther Jauch (Na Siehste) have made this band a legend far beyond Munich’s borders. Together with the Trouble Boys on stage were Spandau Ballet, Robin Beck and others. Since Rainer never had enough of a single band, he also played with the Thunderbirds, Kapelle Wissmann with Paul Vincent, Rockpoint, Heilig, Sixties. In addition, he was a saxophonist on stage with Bonnie Tyler and Ten Sharp, among others. He was also on stage three times in the German qualifier for the ESC, among others with Joy Flemming.