Ron played at festivals and sessions

Frank Diez ( Maffay, Atlantis, Frumpy)
Pete York (Spencer Davis Group, Hardin & York Jon Lord)
Michael Katon (Detroit Blues Legende)
Eddie Taylor (Sax – Westernhagen, Maffay)
Albie Donnelly „Supercharge“
(Rhythm & Blues and Soul Band)
D.D.Blues (Los Bravos, Telecats)
Stefan Diestelmann (Blueslegende des Ostens)
Them (irische Rockband)
Man (Welsh Westcoast Rockband)
John Paiva ( Four Seasons, Chuck Berry, Fats Domino)
Steve Hooks (Musical Director – Weather Girls)
Andre Lewis ( Johnny Guitar Watson, Frank Zappa, Buddy Miles)
John Hayes ( Mother’s Finest Gitarrist)
Wolfgang Schmidt (Klaus Doldinger Passport)
Eamonn McCormack (irischer Rock- und Blues Guitarist)
Jeremy Spencer (ex Fleetwood Mac)

Ron Evans, son of a German mother and English father, is born on December 3rd, 1947 near Hannover in Germany. Shortly after his birth the family moves to Cambridge, England. Then in 1954 his parents immigrate to Australia after his father receives an offer to work as a radio broadcaster for ABC in Australia. It is on the fifth continent that Ron Evans spends his childhood and most of his youth.
In 1962 his parents separate and his mother decides to return to Hannover with her son. Ron receives his first guitar with 16 and discovers his love for music. Influenced by the Beatles and the Stones he begins his first musical ventures. In the mid-sixties Ron attends the renowned Kamber Boarding School near Starnberg, where he becomes a member of the school band „The Generation“ and discovers his singing talent.

Upon completing his formal education Ron takes on a position as a trainee at the Bavaria Film Studios and gains his first experiences in professional show business. In addition he jobs as a movie extra, cable guy and DJ, yet never loosing sight of his aspiring musical career. His first personal artistic highlight is playing the musical accompaniment to a modern version of „Hamlet“ in the Deutsche Theatre, with Maximilian Schell playing the lead and directing.

It is in 1971 that Ron happens to come in contact with the British IDA (International DJ Company) and receives a contract as DJ. For the next four years he travels throughout Europe. In the years that follow Ron marries, divorces, opens a record shop in Starnberg – all the while playing with various musicians, various bands and growing as a musician, singer and songwriter. Then in 1994 he closes his record shop to now solely concentrate on his musical career. And in the same year he accepts an offer from the Goethe Institute for a speaking role in a children’s musical
It is Ron’s virtuosity, his talent and characteristic sense of humour that brings both him and his band the numerous national and international engagements. Diverse CD productions follow. And since his main desire is „to bring something across“ with his music, Ron Evans now spends most of his time writing and composing his own works.