Nominated for the Big Blues Award (Contemporary) Germany 2015

Ron’s creative mix is simple and ingenious: „it must groove“! To achieve that groove, he mixes the best of Blues, Rock, Funk, Reggae and Jazz in every song. Live on stage he gives his band members the freedom to bring in spontaneous drifts and solos that elevate the “groove” to an absolute peak.„more than Rock & Blues“ – that is what Ron Evans is all about.

After hearing a live performance of Ron Evans, one might think: he has invented a new music genre. Then the highly creative Ron and his fabulous band play a music style that simply can’t be catagorized in any known genre! A fact that had been mentioned in the German music publication “Blues News” in their review at the time of the CD release „Can’t Stop Now“ (2009).

The musical prowess of the top musicians is endless. Ron Evans Group is ideal for clubs and festivals.

Yet no show is the same. Since Ron Evans can enhance the group with additional brilliant musicians and “special guests”, he is always good for surprises. With boogie, blues, funk, modern rock and a little bit of good old rock n’ roll, it always is a whirlwind trip through music and time. 

With captivating arrangements, from melodic to rock, humorous interludes and exceptional improvisations, the Ron Evans Group really knows how to enthuse audiences of all ages and guarantees that each performance is a new, original and unforgettable experience.