After the photo session at Rainer’s place we went to Augsburg, district Lechhausen. This is where the Madhouse is – a unique club, furnished with great attention to detail, pub, living room and stage in one. These kind of clubs are threatened with extinction, have their fan communities, who meet there again and again like a big family, and mostly also musicians, who are allowed to perform here more than once.

I felt right at home here, as I did at the Village in Habach, the Bluesgarage in Isernhagen, the Meisenfrei in Bremen or the Topos in Leverkusen, just to name a few other examples that come to my mind immediately. These are all clubs that have been around for a very long time and whose operators have been lucky enough to survive for decades with their institutions. All of these venues are driven by the enthusiasm of the people who stand in front of and behind the counter and on stage each evening.

Here in Augsburg Wolfgang Honrath has been in his element for many decades. Here is his music room – at least that’s what it looks like when he sits in the middle of the CD shelf and selects the music for the opening act while the band is busy with the sound check in the background. When everything is in place and the sound is good, the musicians have time to relax, Wolfgang has prepared a dinner for everyone and then the evening is started with a toast.

I arrived at the Madhouse shortly after the band, so I had a bit more time to take some photos in the still empty club before the concert. That’s why there is also this extra article. Thanks Wolfi, for the relaxed atmosphere and the good mood in your Madhouse. I am looking forward to the next visit!