14 days ago I joined the Ron Evans Group again on two evenings during their gigs. In the afternoon of the second day we added a photo session for a new group photo and some headshots. But one after the other.

On November 15th we started at the Schwabing Podium. For some time now, to the regret of many friends and fans, this has not been in Schwabing but in Allach, but the institution has survived after all – something that not all Schwabing live music clubs have managed to do. So now it’s reincarnation in a different look and in a different place – but with the same people and the same soul. It’s great that this has been successful.

The ambience at the entrance is completely different, but also somehow rustic, just like the large hall on the first floor, which offers corresponding possibilities.

On stage Ron (guitar, vocals), Rodney (bass), Christoph (drums, vocals), Rainer (saxophones, flute, bongos, guitar, vocals) and James (keyboard, vocals) quickly warmed up. I would have wished for more visitors, so there was a lot of space in front of the stage at first, but a little later there was dancing here as well.

The modern LED-lighting doesn’t want to fit to the music and the interior in every situation. Somehow I found it either too bright or too dark on stage, always changing quickly. But I’m sure this can be adjusted a little bit when the time comes. I’m more a friend of classic stage lighting, with spots in warm light, in the meantime this also works in LED without dot pattern.

Otherwise I like the room very much, the deer antlers everywhere make a clear statement – this is not a new-fashionable chic club, tradition is still upheld here. And of course, here are the photos from the evening. Christoph in action has been picked for the cover picture of this article.