Before we went to the Madhouse in Augsburg on November 16th, we met in Munich at Rainer’s place. I had some lights from my studio in Hanover in the car boot and came a little earlier so I could set up. The room was not really big, but it was enough for the task. A black background was placed on a sofa backrest at an angle to the wall, one LED each left and right, for the headshots I had a spot behind the photographed person, but in retrospect I found the light here too weak – I wanted a dark grey tone at the transition from person to background, like in my studio. But I had underestimated the light from the big window behind me.

Then it started, James and Rainer were the first, then Ron, Rodney and Christoph came for the second round and at the end a group photo. Somehow all this should fit in one hour – it was 55 minutes at the end plus the time for setting up and taking down the lights. And at home you can see what you could have done differently or better again. But the result is still respectable – of course it’s different when you have more time with each person and can use different light and background settings.