At the KultBahnhof I have been twice: in April and August 2016, in April with the Ron Evans Group to the Retro 2 Tour and in August to the Gifhorn Blues Festival. I really like this former station Gifhorn-Bienenbüttel which has been converted into an event location and music school. Volker Schlag runs his business here full of passion, you can tell that as soon as you watch him going into the details during the soundcheck. Here nothing is left to chance. The lovingly designed stage and the atmospheric yet photography-friendly lighting complete the overall ambience. As a visitor you feel in good hands!

The scheduled playing time was new for me: it started at 5 pm. The concept was “Between cake and crime scene”. Actually perfect, because what else is there to do on such a cold Sunday afternoon? That’s what the audience thought and was rewarded for their trip to the KultBahnhof. There should also have been a few more. Hopefully this approach gets the word around – you actually still have something left from the evening, and if you have to get up early the next day, that’s not a bad idea either.

Rainer unpacked his video camera for this show, we just let it run. In addition Volker installed some fixed cameras with different perspectives to the stage, everything is wired to the control center and Michi collected the data streams on a hard disk separated by tracks. I’m very curious to see what comes out of it. Video recording and post-production is a topic that I have avoided so far. I am already sufficiently busy with photography.

It started at 5 pm and with a break between the two sets the performance lasted until tv news time shortly after 8 pm. One would have still managed the ‘crime scene’ 😉 For me the best performance on the tour so far. The band is really warm played, so to speak really hot for the next solo. On this evening Rainer and Christoph expanded the drum- and percussion teamwork on After Midnight a bit, Rainer jumped on a table again with a saxophone-solo – this time with an even more acrobatic performance than the night before. I should have it on a photo, I’m curious.

The second set on this tour starts with the number “Listen Here” by Eddie Harris, which also belonged to the repertoire of Brian Auger in the 70s. Yes, this jazz classic comes across really well and always offers the musicians new opportunities to live out their virtuosity.

Between the sets and afterwards there were numerous conversations between musicians and audience. This time also Hartwig from Onstage-Promotion was there to offer CDs and T-shirts at the booth.

The pictures will be handed in later in the week. So far there are over 2,000 photos that I will review. And tonight there will be some more. Now I’m on my way to Fürth to the Kofferfabrik.

Now the pictures from Gifhorn are also selected. It has become a mixture of black and white and color photos, in order to support the story accordingly. It starts with some impressions before the beginning of the concert, at the beginning of the album with Michi, who took care of the transport of the band and the technique during this tour again.