The last stop of the Retrospective 3 tour was the Kofferfabrik in Fürth. A great location – just like you would imagine a live stage in a really old building, but with the patina and charm of the past. Rainer (from the Kofferfabrik, not from the band) did the soundcheck here like Volker did it the day before at the KultBahnhof in Gifhorn, he perfectly adjusted all the details, including a USB stick for the recording from the soundboard and later at the show with the right lighting control.

The sound at the Kofferfabrik was really great, and also the stage is perfect for photos, because it is wide and open on one side. So you have plenty of opportunities to play with perspective and space. I also shot some videos with the Leica SL and the Summilux 50 that evening [a video as an example at the end of the article], as a 4k video you have an effective focal length of about 70mm. I was pleasantly surprised by the result, I hadn’t been involved with video at all before. I think I’ll extend that a bit, so that it works better at the gig at the Tollwood-Festival 😎

Monday evening is already a critical time for a live gig, and so the size of the audience was not like on a Friday or Saturday. The atmosphere was still great and the band’s joy of playing didn’t get any negative influence. The Ron Evans Group is still adding a little something from evening to evening, you can literally feel the fun in the musicians, and that also applies to the audience.

And again an extremely expressive drum solo by Christoph with the support of Rainer on “After Midnight”, this time I also recorded it on video, as well as Rainer’s sax excursion to the audience on “Listen Here”. I especially liked Ron’s ballad “I Remember You” on this evening, the three-voice vocals, piano and organ are a great match for this song.

Due to the big stage more movement of the musicians was possible here than on the days before and I always had new perspectives for my photos. But the selection of pictures will take some time, I have returned from the four days with 2903 photos, about 100 will be presented for the four articles.

So: still a little patience, for the time being also here the usual placeholder of the last articles.

25. November shortly before 21 o’clock – the last set is finished and so is this article. On December 4th I will see the Ron Evans Group again in Munich at the Tollwood-Festival.