Live again at the Village – the Ron Evans Group with a new line-up! On Saturday, 25th August 2018 it was time – the Group with Ron Evans (guitar, vocals), Rodney Harley (bass – with Ron in different formations since the 80s on the road), Rainer Blencke (guitar, vocals, saxophone, percussion – with the Group since 2017), Christoph von Sonnenburg (drums – already with the Group in the 90s) and James Jacobs (keyboard – already played together with Ron at the Funny Figures in 1968).

So: new line-up with many old friends! And that’ s how the spectacle sounded – the band warmed up very fast and offered a show in two sets from 9 pm until just before 1 am. The atmosphere was great and the Village was well packed. James on keyboard is an enrichment and Christoph on drums plays as if he had never been away. And this although the group had only rehearsed a few times together in this new formation.

As usual, the evening’s program consisted mainly of Ron’s own songs and some – as always quite individual – cover versions of well-known songs by other songwriters. I’m still a big fan of the Ron-Evans-Group version of J.J.Cale’s “After Midnight”. Always great and now also a bit more rounded with keyboard – similar to the 65 to 97 CD. The title can also be found on the CD RETROSPECTIVE. But also otherwise there was always enough time to challenge or feature one or the other musician to a solo.

Another special feature of this evening: Hanns Christian Müller came on stage for a song. He had his blues harps with him and thus provided the right blues mood. What you might have to know: Hanns Christian was also active as a musician at that time – 1968 – together with Ron and James.

From a little more than 1100 photos I have brought 45 pictures, which I present to you here.