Carsten Enghardt , Drums 

With the producers Abi Linn and Norbert Kreuzer Carsten played with the international act “En-Sonic”. It was followed by tours with Billy Preston, Karl Keaton, Dynamite Light, Bad News, Black Attack and many more. Carsten played at the studio for international acts such as Juliane Werding, Greg Wood, Robin Beck, Worthy Davis, Devin Ashlee, Chill Out feat. L-Zone, S-Club 7, Faithless, Rob Reynolds, John Sutterland, Edison Arthur and many more. This was followed by a 2-year tour with the band “Vanilla Ninja” which let him sniff the air of the big stages again. Live playing with Lionel Richie and touring with Billy Preston was a highlight of his career.


Rodney Harley , Bass Guitar 

Born in England but grew up in Scotland. Rodney came to Germany in the early sixties with Tommy & The Delmonts, who then played all over Germany on the Star Club Circuit. Rodney then played with Didi and his ABC Boys, a very popular German group from Berlin, known for their recordings in German of Beatles Songs. They played throughout Europe, from Norway and Germany to Italy and Spain as well as at all US bases. A highlight was as opener for the Rolling Stones on their Germany and Austria tour of 1967. Rodney played in Germany with various bands such as The Renegades, Rocking Mona, Delano, The William Powell Soul Band, Albert C. Humphrey, The Unknown Stuntmen and since 2010 with his old friend Ron Evans.


Hubert Hofherr, Powerblues Harmonica 

 Born in Bavaria, discovered early on his love for Chicago blues. During his studies in music, he released the LP “GETAWAY” (1986) with the band THE BLUESGANGSTERS and went on tour with BUSTER BENTON (USA) in Europe (1986) and in the Midwest of the USA (1989). Spending time in Chicago/USA gave Hubert the time to study the Chicago Blues, and make contact other Blues greats such as J. JOHNSON, E. CLEARWATER, MAGIC SLIM, J. W. WILLIAMS, J. LITTLEJOHN, C. SNYDER, SUGAR BLUE, P. GUY, and the brothers MYERS.


Charles Walker. Saxaphone, Harp 

Studied music at De Paul University in Chicago.Performed on The Marty Faye Show : Jazz, Blues TV Show from Chicago. Production for EMI (Grasiana)  and Columbia records (Gwen). Production for a Hollywood Film,Birthday Girl starring Nicole Kidman. Bands : Ihre Kinder, Cry Freedom, Weather Girls,The Supremes, Vaya con Dios. Performed with many German stars from the  60’s, 70’s and the 80’s to name a few:Peter Kraus, Michael Holm, Harald Junke …..

Wolfgang Roth, Saxophone, Flute 

Studied at the Berklee College of Music, jazz composition Diploma Woodwinds at, Bill Pierce, Bob Zung, George Garzone, Joseph Viola Compositon and arrangement with Herb Pommeroy, Greg Hopkins, Phil Wilson Finalist in the International Competition for Jazz Composition 1992 in Besancon. Performances and tours with: Dusko Goykovich, Don Menza, Claudio Roditi, Konstantin Wecker, Franz David Baumann’s Panama ensemble, Al Porcino, Thorsten de Winkel, Harald Rüschenbaum, CD recordings with Thomas Wecker, Konstantin Wecker, Franz David Baumann’s Panama ensemble (Echo prize) uva.